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ADSL 2 + Microfilter BT Approved
  • Ligo Electronics Ltd
  • Batteries
  • The Zoom ADSL 2+ Microfilter 98027 must be plugged into all active telephone sockets on your ADSL line which are used for plugging in telephony equipment (such as telephones, fax machines, PCs and Sky Digiboxes). You'll need one Zoom ADSL 2+ Microfilter 98027 per socket you wish to connect your telephony devices to. This easy-to-install device ensures clean separation of data signals from voice signals. Without microfilters, you may experience noise on the line when you make or receive a telephone call, or may experience connection problems with your ADSL Broadband service, including low speeds and disconnections.Each Zoom ADSL 2+ Microfilter 98027 has a socket for a standard telephone plug (like those on the end of equipment such as telephones, fax machines and analogue modems) and a socket for a broadband (ADSL) modem. A maximum of four ADSL can be used on an ADSL line. This is the recommended maximum number of items of telephony equipment you can plug into a standard voice line, (known as the maximum Ringing Equivalent Number - REN).

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