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Jewel Of India Organic Basmati Rice 10 Kg
  • Red Rickshaw Limited
  • Hampers
  • At the core of South Asian food, we have Basmati rice. Perfect for Pulav or Biryani recipes, Jewel Of India’s extra long grain Organic Basmati Rice promises a pure, authentic and well aged rice experience. Jewel of India do one thing: organic basmati rice, and they do it rather expertly.  Basmati literally means fragrant, and Jewel of India’s organic offering certainly lives up to its name. Grown at the base of the himalayas and then aged for at least 12 months, Jewel of India’s organic Basmati provides a unique and aromatic rice experience. As well as being the star ingredient in Biryanis and Pulavs (or pulao/ pilau/pilaf), Basmati is used as an accompaniment to many a South Asian dish. Just be sure to cook it correctly— Basmati should never be mushy but rather light and fluffy, with each long grain separated once cooked. A big bag of organic Jewel of India Organic Basmati Rice 10kg Extra long grain  Easy to cook: just add salt 

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