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Laurel & Hardy DVD & Bookazine Gift Set
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  • Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, quite simply one of the greatest comedy duos ever to grace this planet, require no introduction. We all love a bit of slapstick and few could deliver it better. From their patter to their hats, it's all just perfect. Flying Deuces showcases some of their best work, especially the brilliant 'Shine on Harvest Moon'! DVDStan and Oliver holiday in Paris. Oliver intends to remain in France to marry Georgette (Jean Parker), the innkeepers daughter, but is heartbroken when he finds that shes fallen in love with somebody else. Oliver decides instead to jump into the Seine, along with Stan, but they are talked out of it and join the Legion instead. When they try to leave after Oliver has recovered from his heartache they are charged with desertion and sentenced to a firing squad. One of the films undoubted highlights is Shine on Harvest Moon, which eventually was released as a 45 rpm single. MagazineFrom the silent screen stars like Charlie Chaplin, to the more modern day icons like French Saunders, this affectionate collection of profiles includes 28 comedians who have repeatedly been successful in cheering us up throughout the years.This collection has been greatly enhanced by the fantastic illustrations of artist John Ireland, but can only give a glimpse of the comedic brilliance that has come from these shores. Format: DVD Book Discs: 1 Run Time: 68mins Cert: E

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