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  • The tado° Smart Radiator Thermostat Add-on is compatible with the tado° Smart Radiator Starter Kit or the Smart Thermostat Starter Kit (v3), allowing you to expand your heating control throughout your home.Connecting via the Internet Bridge (sold separately), it can be controlled from the app or manually from the Thermostat itself. This means you can control each individual radiator for a comfortable temperature in each room.You can even get notiffied to turn your heating off when you're leaving your home or to pre-heat it before your arrival. Using the Smart Schedule, the tado° can personalize your heating schedule to fit your busy lifestyle.Plus, you get clear overview of your heating. How much you saved for each day of each month, thanks to the Climate Assistant.The Climate Assistant will also help you to keep a healthy climate in each room according to its function. It can help with your productivity, health and quality of sleep too.__________________________________________Please note: A compatible hub (sold separately) is required to connect your smart home device.

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