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PLAYSTATION Balan Wonderworld
  • Currys PC World
  • Console
  • Enter the magical theatre of Balan Wonderworld. Take on the role of Emma or Leo, and explore 12 thematic chapters of the imaginary Balan Theatre. Navigate your way through the levels, solve puzzles and fight off the vicious Negati. At the end of each chapter awaits a fearsome boss. You'll come across many minigames on your path too. There are 80 theatre cast costumes hidden all over the wonderworld. Collect and wear these to gain new powers to help you get around or fight enemies - each makes for unique gameplay. You can discover the wonders of the Balan Theatre realm by yourself or together with a friend, taking on the roles of both Leo and Emma. Experience a new way to play as you combine the powers of your costumes, finding different ways of solving the tricks and traps of the twelve chapters.

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