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Diablesse - Gold 70cl Bottle
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  • A unique, golden rum blending three authentic rums from different parts of the Caribbean. Nose: Beautiful nose! Chocolate, Vanilla pod, Light Oak, Tropical Fruit - chargrilled pineapple, Banana, Fudge. Palate: Really soft & gentle then really fruity, Banana, Butterscotch, Fruitcake, Tropical fruit, nice sharpness, warm, peppery oak on mid-palate. Finish: Good decent length - warm, Fruity banana bread & pepper on the finish, pineapple cubes. This pure blend has no added sugar, caramel or other adulteration and is tropically aged in American Oak ex-bourbon barrels to give an added rich depth of flavour. The first of the blended rums is an 8 year old Barbados rum, Four Square Distillery: Making rum since 1820 and the oldest in Barbados, this family owned distillery is presided over by a passionate, fourth-generation, master distiller. Using locally produced sugar cane molasses the traditional pot & column still distillation techniques are still used to this day to produce a light, golden rum full of flavour. The 2nd is a 3 year old Guyanese Demerara rum, Diamond Distillery: Located on the banks of the Demerara River, this distillery was established in 1670 and makes its rums using molasses produced by the local sugar factory from 100% Demerara sugar. This rum is produced in the wooden Enmore Coffey still built in 1832 - the only one of its kind in the world still operating today. This rum adds a natural sweetness to the blend. And the third a 4 year old Jamaican rum, Worthy Park Estate: Rum has been produced on this site since 1741 using locally grown sugar cane & locally made molasses and is distilled in a 100% copper pot-still. The traditional Jamaican pot-still distillation method is still used to give a rich, full bodied rum full of Jamaican funk.

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