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Callaway Big Bertha B21 Golf Fairway
  • Scottsdale Golf
  • Miscellaneous
  • CALLAWAY BIG BERTHA B21 FAIRWAY WOODS¬† Driving was always thought of as the hardest part of the game, slight mishits used to be severely punished with huge loss of distance and shots that flew off at all angles. Fortunately for golfers that is (mostly) no longer the case and drivers are now one of the easiest clubs to get a good result with.¬† Perhaps the hardest shot for the average golfer nowadays is the long second shot from the fairway using either a fairway wood or a long iron. Fairway woods still have relatively long shafts but much smaller heads than found on drivers. This means that it can prove difficult to get a consistent contact and enough launch to get the ball flying properly through the air. With the release of the Callaway...

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