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Akram Khan Company – Outwitting the Devil
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  • Akram Khan's fantastic dance piece Outwitting the Devil is just as intriguing as the title of the piece itself. Based on the pantheon of Hindu gods and the Until the Lions re-imagining of Mahabharata's female protagonists, Outwitting the Devil draws on a very similar ancient paganistic narratives. This time, Khan explores the Mesopotamian Epic of Gilgamesh – which is regarded as one of the greatest ancient literary works in world history. The plot of Akram Khan's Outwitting the Devil follows King Gilgamesh as he is punished by the gods for his destruction of the legendary cedar forest and murdering the forest's guardian. The king's friend Enkidu, a feral man that has been tamed, is kidnapped from him. Faced with the brutal truth of human mortality and sorrows of death, Gilgamesh becomes lost in the course of history as a mere piece to the broken puzzle of human memory and culture.Outwitting the Devil Sadler's Wells creative teamKhan's weaves his wild narrative and design of this brand-new piece alongside some of his closest collaborators, including costume designer Kimie Nakano, composer Vincenzo Lamagna, dramaturg Ruth Little, rehearsal director Mavin Khoo, and writer Jordan Tannahill. The production also boasts visual designs by Tom Scutt, lighting design by Aideen Malone, and an international ensemble of six dancers from all around the world.

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