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NINTENDO SWITCH Metroid Dread: Special Edition
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  • A new mechanical threat Battle your way across a dangerous alien planet in Metroid Dread: Special Edition - the latest addition in the side-scrolling action-adventure franchise. Following on from the events of Metroid Fusion, bounty hunter Samus Aran heeds the call of a strange transmission and heads to the remote world of ZDR. Upon arrival she finds it overrun by lethal alien lifeforms and the menacing E.M.M.I machines. Now she must fight for her life as she seeks out the truth behind the E.M.M.I and what caused them to become the robotic menace of ZDR. Weapons and abilities Samus has a whole host of new and familiar abilities that will help her navigate the deadly landscapes of this alien world. You'll be sliding through small spaces, jumping over obstacles and taking down enemies with powerful weapons. Explore the world of ZDR As you discover different areas of the map you'll find upgrades that can be used to take down the E.M.M.I. You'll also find alternative paths that will help you uncover the secrets of this mysterious planet. Special Edition This special edition of Metroid Dread includes a SteelBook case, a 190-page artbook and five cards featuring box art from the main Metroid games. These are perfect for any fan of the series, as you can display them with pride around your gaming setup.

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