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XBOX Wireless Controller - Pulse Red, Red
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  • A new console deserves a stunning new controller - the Xbox Wireless Controller is designed with better ergonomics and reduced latency.DesignIt's designed to fit a wide range of hand sizes, so everyone can enjoy great play. With rounded bumpers, easier-to-reach triggers and sculpted grips, it's much easier to grip whether you're a younger or more advanced gamer.The D-pad has been updated too - it's closer to the style of Elite controllers, with a deeper design and crisp design that makes it easier to use.There's also a textured grip that makes the controller easier to hold.Share buttonSharing is as easy as pressing a button. The Share button let's you capture and share content quickly - perfect for showing off your impressive KDR or your smooth moves.ConnectivityThe wireless and Bluetooth connections can be easily paired, which means you won't need to spend ages pairing your controller with your Xbox before you play.Switching onto your PC for a while? It's easy to switch too, so you won't need multiple controllers. With Bluetooth you can connect to your Android phone or tablet too.

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