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Breaker Morant (DVD)
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  • War drama based on a true story. It is 1901 and the War against the Boers in South Africa has deteriorated into bitter guerrilla warfare. In an ambush, the leader of the Bushveldt Carbineers is killed and mutilated. His Australian companions, led Sgt. Harry " Breaker " Morant, pursue and kill the offending Boers. This action leads to one of the most disputed court-martials in military history. Despite a heroic stand by Morant and two accused fellow soldiers when the prison is attacked by Boers, and a brilliant courtroom defence by an Australian small-town solicitor, a Kitchener aide denies there was ever an order "not to take prisoners". The death sentence is passed and carried out - and the legend of Harry " Breaker " Morant is born.  

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