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  • This piece is a mixture of dance and theatre and is heavily influenced by both ballet and modern dances. The audience is brought deeply into the emotional world of the creator’s story and expression on stage. This incredibly powerful solo piece is held as a truly unique piece of theatre as it is performed in its entirety without spoken language. Caruso’s body holds the audience in sway through her raw and personal metamorphosis. As she changes so too is the audience forever changed through the transcendency of the emotions displayed on the stage. Metamorphosis work is spiritual and powerful, born from an eagerness to create an encompassing work for the world stage. This journey through follows through the many transitions of life, and while based on Caruso’s personal experience, it has been expanded to speak to people universally. Through the course of the performance, the audience is pulled in by Caruso's dramatic emotional shifts and different coloured dresses are used to highlight turning points in her journey.

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