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Cobra KING Snakebite Satin Chrome Golf Wedge
  • Scottsdale Golf
  • Miscellaneous
  • KING COBRA Snakebite Satin Chrome Golf Wedge Over the past few seasons Cobra have produced some truly stunning and high performing golf clubs and they look set to continue this with the release of the fabulous KING COBRA Snakebite wedge. With a design that is in someway a throwback to the classic Cobra wedges of yesteryear with the Cobra itself once again sitting proudly on the back of the wedge. Don't let this nod to past fool you though as this wedge is absolutely packed with the latest technologies to improve your wedge game and provide the upmost in control and feel around the greens. The all new SNAKEBITE groove design has been engineered to maximise spin and give your pitches more bite when they land on the green allowing you to be...

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