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EVNROLL ER2v Midlock Golf Putter
  • Scottsdale Golf
  • Miscellaneous
  • Evnroll ER2v Midlock Mid Blade Golf Putter The EvnRoll ER2v MidLock Mid Blade Golf Putter is a stunning example of a traditional blade style putter that has been modified for use with the increasingly popular Armlock style of putting. The ER2v has a short blade length and a relatively wide flange that maximises the effectiveness of the heel & toe weighting. A single sightline across the flange makes this putter a cinch to line up and you will confident stood over the ball at address, knowing you are aiming correctly. The Midlock version of this putter has been designed to remove excessive hand or wrist movement in the stroke, which improves face angle control and promotes a more consistent stroke. The Armlock method of putting has grown in...

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