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ACER Nitro NMW120 Optical Gaming Mouse, Black
  • Currys PC World
  • Mice
  • Gain an edge over your opponent Whether you prefer the frantic action of an FPS or the careful planning of a tactical game, you can play with confidence using the Acer Nitro NMW120 Optical Gaming Mouse. Featuring a 4200 DPI optical sensor, the mouse carefully tracks your movement to keep you in control at all times. Programmable buttons You can program up to eight buttons for more advanced control over your favourite games. Set each button however you want, so you can go from your game to Facebook without skipping a beat. Ergonomic form With its sleek, ergonomic yet durable design, the Nitro NMW120 Gaming Mouse is built for comfort. When you're in the middle of a gaming marathon, you'll be able to focus on the on-screen action without having to worry about the mouse, so you can maintain a high level of performance at all times. Fine tune the weight With four 5 g weights included, you're able to make the Nitro feel comfortable by fine tuning the weight settings.

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