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Titleist TSi 2 Golf Driver
  • Scottsdale Golf
  • Miscellaneous
  • TITLEIST TSi 2 DRIVER¬† On January the 1st 2008 the R & A brought in a new rule which limited the C.O.R. on driver faces to try and limit the distance the golf ball would travel. What that actually did though, was to give the exceptional golf club designers at companies like Titleist an incentive to come up with new ways of making golf drivers better, and with the Titleist TSi 2 they have created what could possibly be the best driver ever.¬† The Titleist TSi 2 driver has a bigger overall appearance than the TSi 3, (although both are the maximum 460cc size), with a more elongated head shape and an aesthetically pleasing rounded toe design. The TSi 2 looks perfectly square when placed behind the ball at address and has a very inviting...

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