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TOMTOM Rider 500 Motorcycle 4.3" Sat Nav - Full Europe Maps
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  • Top features: - Lifetime TomTom map updates that always have up-to-date road layouts - Live traffic and speed camera locations so that the route can update in real time - Thrill planning on MyDrive as you craft the best route for you - Smartphone messages and hands-free calling give you smartphone functionality - Touchscreen works through everything, so gloves and rain don't slow you down Lifetime TomTom map updatesThe included maps on the TomTom Rider 500 Motorcycle 4.3" Sat Nav cover Europe, so you can take your motorbike on holiday and not worry about getting lost. The maps update several times a year, and you don't even need to connect the Sat Nav up to your computer. Just let it connect to your WiFi and it'll update itself.Live traffic and speed camera locationsThe TomTom Rider 500 Motorcycle Sat Nav knows where the traffic jams are, so it can update the route in real time and not let you get caught up in it. Notifications also warn you of approaching speed cameras, so you don't get caught out.Thrill planning on MyDrivePlan your perfect ride through the MyDrive app. Choose from one of the curated road trips, or pick your own waypoints. Set your difficulty level, deciding whether you want more hills or tough corners. Once MyDrive has crafted your perfect route, sync it up to the TomTom Rider 500 Motorcycle Sat Nav and away you go.Smartphone messages and hands-free callingWhile synced to your smartphone, you have access to Siri and Google Now while leaving the phone in your pocket. Keep focused on the road while text messages are read aloud to your headset, and if you have a microphone you can make or answer calls too.Touchscreen works through anythingThe glove-friendly touchscreen gives you complete control even while you're in your full gear. You can even let it know how heavy your gloves are, and the TomTom Rider 500 Sat Nav will adjust the sensitivity to match. As a motorcycle sat nav, the TomTom Rider 500 is of course going to be rainproof. The TomTom Rider 500 is primed for all conditions, so there's no loss of touchscreen sensitivity even in heavy rain.What are free Lifetime Maps?You don't want to be driving through the town centre when there's a newly built bypass. Keep updated with changes to roads, junctions, addresses, and points of interest. With free Lifetime Maps you can download a full update of your maps at least four times a year. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i.e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content, or accessories). What is free Lifetime Traffic?Don't get stuck in a jam. Find the best route to work, home, or ensure you get to your appointment on time with free Lifetime Traffic. It shows you exactly where the delay starts and ends so you can be confident you're on the fastest route. 'Lifetime' means the period of time that the sat nav manufacturer continues to support your device with software updates, services, content, or accessories. The useful life of the smartphone app means the period of time that the manufacturer continues to support the app with updates.

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