ROAD ANGEL Halo Pro Deluxe Quad HD Dash Cam - Black & Grey, Silver/Grey,Black

ROAD ANGEL Halo Pro Deluxe Quad HD Dash Cam - Black & Grey, Silver/Grey,Black
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  • Drive without distractions Make sure your journey is covered with the Road Angel Halo Pro Deluxe Quad HD Dash Cam. With an additional camera to record what's happening behind you, it may provide vital evidence in an insurance claim. The 140° lens of the front dash cam offers a wide view of the road ahead, so you not only capture vehicles and people directly in front, but to the side too. Recording in Quad HD, which is four times the resolution of HD 720p, you'll be able to easily pick out details like number plates, even at night. And with no screen, there's no distractions while you're driving - simply place it out the way behind your rear-view mirror. Halo app With the Road Angel Halo app for iOS and Android you can connect to the dash cam via WiFi. Your smartphone then acts as a monitor, offering a live stream and letting you review, edit, and download footage. It's easy to save footage for later, and you can trim down the clip to just show the moment you want and share it on social media straight from the app. In the event of an accident or sudden breaking, the G sensor will automatically save the clip from being overwritten. You can also take and edit photos of the damage using the app, so you have everything you need for your insurance claim. Built in GPS The Halo Pro tracks and stores your journeys, locations and speeds and plots them on a map that can be easily viewed on your phone. It also records acceleration, breaking and cornering information, so you can trace back your every move. All the data and videos are stored in the internal memory or on an SD card. A 32 GB SD card comes in the box, but it supports cards up to 128 GB.