Playstation Forspoken - PS5

Playstation Forspoken - PS5
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  • Freya Holland was just a normal New York teenager. Then one day, she gets mysteriously transported to the ancient fantasy land of Athia, finds a sentient bracelet on her wrist and her life is turned upside down. She can suddenly do magic! A lot of it. However, the land has been corrupted by a mysterious event called the Break. Animals turned into beasts, men into creatures and Athia's wise queens into malevolent witches. Now it's up to you to lead Freya on her path to become the powerful hero she's destined to be and uncover the secrets behind the Break. Good to know - There's a seriously wide arsenal of spells to learn and then master in combat - Choose your spells to match your playstyle - head-on with enhanced fists or showering your foes with fire from afar - The land of Athia is an open world full of wonders, magic and mysteries to discover - Use the magic-enhanced parkour both to traverse the vastness of Athia and to fight your foes