Item Listing for Appliance Spares

Bosch HEZ390011 30cm FlexInduction Rectangular Roasting Pan with Lid
Bosch DHZ5276 Replacement Standard Recirculation Filters
Neff Z9410X1 Induction Roaster for Induction Hobs
Neff Z9416X2 Griddle Plate for FlexInduction Hobs
Neff Z821VR0 Replacement Recirculation Filters for Venting Hobs
Neff Z943SE0 BergHOFF Three Piece Induction Pan Set
Neff Z861SM1 500mm Long Flat Ducting Channel for Vented Hobs
Neff Z861SB3 90 Flat Ducting Channel Vertical Bend Medium Radius
Neff Z861SS2 Flexible Flat Ducting Connector Sleeve Female
Neff Z861SB2 90 Flat Ducting Channel Vertical Bend Male
Neff Z861SI1 90 Flat Ducting to a 150mm Round Ducting Outlet
Neff Z51AII1X6 CleanAir Plus Anti Pollen Recirculation Kit
Bosch HEZ9VEDU0 Ducting kit for Venting hob
Neff Z9417X2 Teppan Yaki for FlexInduction Hobs
Neff Z811DU0 Ducting Kit for Venting Hob
Neff Z9415X1 Steaming Rack for Induction Roaster
Bosch DWZ0IM0A0 Carbon filter for DEM66AC00B DEM63AC00B