Item Listing for Amplifiers & Receivers

E10 In-line Amplifier C/W J Bottom Cable
SHS1890 Amplifier
Bi-way 11 PX
E10L Amplifier (no bottom cable)
M12 Vista AVAYA Adapter
P10 Adapter
E10 Amplifier C/W S1 Bottom Cable
Business Headset E10 In Line Amplifier with No Cable
Business Headset Amplifier SQD
E10 In-line Amplifier C/W T Plug
A22 AV/UK (under the Phone) Adapter for Avaya Systems
M12 Vista Syntegra Adapter
E10 In-line Amplifier c/w K Bottom Cable
Business Headset E10l/J Amplifier 34410-01
M12 Vista Adapter
M22 Vista Adapter
A22 (under the Phone) Adapter
M12E Vista Adapter
MX10 Multimedia Adapter
S12 Amplifier with DuoSet Headset
Business Headset Multimedia Adapter For use on Syntegra systems Mx10
Mx10 Multimedia Adapter For use on IPC systems
DM15 VistaPlus Digital Adaptor
UI 740 Amplifier - Active Universal Interface
UI 720 Amplifier Passive Universal Interface
UI 710 Amplifier - Passive Universal Interface
UI 750 Amplifier with Phone & PC Switch
UI 730 Amplifier - Passive Universal Interface
8000 MPA Multi-Purpose Headset Amplifier
8050 TCA Telephone Computer Amplifier
8210 MPA Amplifier
9120 Base Unit
430 In Line Amplifier
In-line Amplifier
MPAII Multi-Purpose Amplifier